About Paola

Paola is a chatty homesteading mama of three. She is a seasoned and experienced educator of homeopathy gearing her work towards fellow moms and their families. Today Paola teaches homeopathy classes including online interactive workshops, and sits on the board of the Texas Society of Homeopathy. As an engaging speaker and established author, her upcoming release, Teach me Health through Homeopathy, aims to empower moms and families on teaching their children homeopathic principles. It serves as a homeschool/summer school curriculum and will be a wonderful read aloud for families. Click here if you want email notification about her upcoming book release.
Paola strictly aims to educate and provide information but she does not sell or distribute homeopathic medicine.
Drop her a line at: Paola@homegrownhomeopathynetwork.com
Find her on Social Media here: https://m.facebook.com/HomeopathyStudyGroups/

About Paola's Farm

My family and I live on a small homestead named “Milk and Honeybee Homestead,” where we work about 3 acres of land in Texas. At peak production, we yield about 80-85% of what we eat right from our farm. What are our greatest farm assets? The kids all say, “Bella the cow!” because she offers a generous cream line, but I say, of course, it’s all my trusty homeopathy kits. In addition to our milk cow, our farm has chickens, a large garden, and 2 bee hives, with hopes to add another each year for a few years. This summer brought 5 gallons of honey, baskets of veggies, piles of eggs, and hundreds of gallons of milk. My family and I are committed to growing our food with organic and toxic-free principles. We focus on using homeopathics everywhere on farm--from our garden and animals to the farmers and the kids! Integrating homeopathy with other natural management efforts has allowed us to thus far avoid any and all conventional medications on all our creatures—great and small. To me, homeopathy without a solid real-foods diet, is like trying to build a house of straw. Our farm is named 'Milk and Honeybee Homestead.' Where does our farm name come from? After suffering from debilitating auto immune issues for years, I was finally introduced to the wonderful world of Homeopathy through one of my favorite homeopaths, Joette Calabrese. Today, I have met many other wonderful homeopaths around the world. After a lot of learning and several different homeopathic remedies, I’m free from most of those illnesses which burdened me for so long. When it came time to name our farm, I read the passage in the Bible in Exodus 3:17. There, the children of Israel—who also suffered great trials—were promised a land flowing with milk and honey, and I felt a deep connection to this scripture. Where I couldn’t drink milk before, I can now digest it. Where there was pain and suffering, I have been blessed with peace and healing. And now, our own piece of land flows with milk and honey. After great personal trials, we are blessed to further know and commune with God and allow Him to become known to us on our little homestead. Update: Our family has rented out our form for a couple of years while my husband's work sent us expat to Europe for a couple of years!

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