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Can i buy viagra online with a prescription - V the ultimate herbal viagra alternative review

Colostrum is a food produced by all mammals before giving birth and during the first few days after giving birth. Through colostrum, the mother passes on to the baby the antibodies she has built throughout her life, important nutrients and growth factors that help keep the baby healthy while it develops its own immune system.

Bovine colostrum is produced by cows, and because it is 99% bioidentical to human colostrum, it can be taken as a supplement to support the immune system, improve stamina and fitness levels, and slow down the aging process.

Why take Colostrum6 by Anovite?

Colostrum6 by Anovite is one of the only supplements Paola takes daily. Curious to know why? Read on:

• Anovite’s Colostrum6 is a “cornerstone” whole food with over 700 constituents that naturally balance and regenerate the body. It contains the IGF-1 superfamily for anti-aging and tissue repair; over 95 immune factors for health and wellness; all of your essential amino acids, fatty acids, and glyconutrients; along with metabolic factors, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

• Anovite’s Colostrum6 is bovine colostrum, which is 99% bioidentical to human colostrum. It is extremely potent and the most effective colostrum on the market because it is the only colostrum certified by a third party to be pure, and is obtained within the first six hours of colostrum production (after the calves get their share, of course!). This means that the colostrum is never diluted with transitional milk, nor is the good fat that contains all the vital nutrients removed from it.

• Colostrum educates your immune system (similarly to homeopathy). This means that Colostrum6 can down-regulate an over active system and it can up-regulate an under active system. It helps your body address what is needed. 1 2

• It supports digestive health and a balanced intestinal environment.

• It has amazing anti-aging health benefits.

• Let’s be honest, it tastes delicious!

Powder or capsules?

While taking Colostrum6 in capsule form does offer health benefits, it’s important to take the powder form if you can. The reason for this is that you want to maximize the oral health benefits that come from the colostrum having contact with the oral mucous membranes. It allows your body to take in the nutrients more rapidly. You can even pack it into your gums when you sleep at night to deliver the benefits throughout the night.

Colostrum & Cavities


Colostrum for Gut Health:
Amazing Bio Hack!


How to buy Colostrum6 by Anovite

Retail price is a little more expensive, but quick and easy.
The wholesale price is available through a free membership or through Anovite’s business builder plan.

Strawberry Tablets
Strawberry Tablets
(great for kids)
Retail: $41.25
Wholesale: $33
2.5 oz Powder (trial size)
2.5oz Powder
(lasts 3.5 weeks)*
Retail: $30
Wholesale: $24
2.5 oz Powder (trial size)
6.5oz Powder
(lasts 2 months)*
Retail: $65
Wholesale: $52

Colostrum 1lb Powder
1lb Powder
(lasts 5 months)*
Retail: $131.25
Wholesale: $105
Colostrum 2lb Powder
2lb Powder
(lasts 10 months)*
Retail: $202.50
Wholesale: $162
* This is based on the MAINTENANCE dose for a healthy person. The maintenance dose is 1/2 teaspoon taken twice a day for one person. In Paola’s experience, it’s important to follow your own body when it comes to dosing the colostrum. If you crave more, follow your body and take more. But if you feel like it’s too much and you experience detoxing-type symptoms, then maybe go back to a lower dose and/or skip a dose. That should bring you back to a comfortable place of overall progress. For those of you familiar with homeopathy, you will be familiar with the idea of “following your body“ because in many ways this is also how you dose homeopathic medicine. Follow your body!

Free Membership ($0 per month)

Free Membership allows you to order whenever you wish at the wholesale price. No need to order a certain amount every month!


Business Builder ($40 annually)

Business Builder allows you to turn these amazing products into a business as long as you remain an ‘active builder.’ To remain an active builder, you need to order monthly.



Some of my favorite research about colostrum.

Immune Health

Colostrum can help with intestinal permeability, leaky gut, and intestinal disorders

Quick Summary:

Colostrum has transforming Growth Factors A & B (TGF A & B). These promote mesenchymal cellular proliferation. In other words, TGF A&B has potential for assisting bone and cartilage repair, deep wound healing, and restoring intestinal integrity in “leaky gut” syndromes.

Growth factors from mammalian bovine colostrum are by and large not species specific. Indeed, they are almost identical to human colostrum! The various growth factors in whole colostrum are by definition anabolic, stimulating both generation and regeneration of epithelial, mesenchymal, and endothelial cells. There are certain types of growth factors that help different things. Transforming Growth Factors A & B (TGF A & B) promote mesenchymal cellular proliferation. TGF thus has potential for assisting bone and cartilage repair, deep wound healing, and restoring intestinal integrity in “leaky gut” syndromes.


Bovine colostrum is a health food supplement which prevents NSAID induced gut damage

Quick Summary:

In a study, mice were treated with 0.5 or 1ml of Colostrum and it reduced gastric injury by 30% to 60%. Bovine colostrum could provide a novel, inexpensive approach to the prevention and treatment of the injurious effects of NSAIDs on the gut and may also be of value for the treatment of other ulcerative conditions of the bowel.


Colostrum and milk-derived peptide growth factors for the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders

Quick Summary:

Colostrum is “useful for the treatment of a wide variety of gastrointestinal conditions, including inflammatory bowel disease, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug–induced gut injury, and chemotherapy-induced mucositis. We therefore discuss the therapeutic possibilities of using whole colostrum, or individual peptides present in colostrum, for the treatment of various gastrointestinal diseases ...”


Oral supplementation with bovine colostrum decreases intestinal permeability and stool concentrations of zonulin in athletes

Quick Summary:

Zonulin is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of the digestive tract. In other words, the more zonulin that is detected in the stool, the more leaky gut the person has. By using colostrum, this double blind trial identified decreased intestinal permeability.

How did they measure this? The zonulin level decreased after colostrum supplementation, but remained mostly above the reference limit of >30 ng/mL (5 participants—62.5%).


Hyperimmune bovine colostrum as a novel therapy to combat clostridium difficile infection

Quick Summary:

C-diff is a difficult bacterial infection primarily due to antibiotic-associated diarrhea that typically develops when gut microbiota is altered. Conventional treatment for C. difficile infection (CDI) is additional antibiotics (the very thing that caused the disease). Obviously, this only further disrupts normal intestinal microbiota, often resulting in poor treatment outcomes.

A pregnant dairy cow was repeatedly immunized with recombinant mutants of toxins A and B produced by C. difficile, and the resultant hyperimmune bovine colostrum (HBC) was evaluated for therapeutic efficacy in gnotobiotic piglets with diarrhea due to CDI. Control piglets received nonimmune colostrum. To determine the impact of HBC on gut microbiota, 1 of 2 groups of piglets transplanted with normal human gut microbiota was treated with HBC.

What’s the bottom line? Colostrum with specific antibodies provided an oral, cost-effective, and safe alternative to antibiotic therapy for CDI. By preserving intestinal microbiota, HBC may be more efficacious than antibiotics. Additional studies are warranted to establish HBC as a viable immunotherapeutic agent for human use against CDI.

Colostrum6 by Anovite guarantees at least 9 important antibodies and their colostrum is often found to have more than 20 antibodies (but these cannot be guaranteed).


Oral Health

Effects of bovine immune and non-immune whey preparations on the composition and pH response of human dental plaque

Quick Summary:

To understand this study, we need to understand what “Colostrum has antibodies” means. When you get sick, if you don’t suppress the illness, you develop antibodies. People get specific antibodies after specific illnesses. So some cows will have the antibody to Strep Mutans (the primary cavity-causing bacteria), and some won’t, because they haven’t been exposed to it. In this study, scientists had people do a mouthwash with colostrum. One group used colostrum that did not have the Strep Mutans antibody (IP), while another group used colostrum from cows who were immunized with the Strep Mutans vaccine (CP).

The scientists in this study saw a significant decrease in the Strep Mutans bacteria (the bacteria that most commonly causes cavities) in people who had rinsed their mouth with a colostrum that specifically carried that antibody.

While this study relied on the Strep Mutans vaccine (CP) to produce a colostrum with the Strep Mutans antibody, Anovite’s Colostrum6 identifies cows who have developed a natural immunity to Strep Mutans, without resorting to vaccination.

If you’d like the mouthwash recipe you can take my free Colostrum & Cavities workshop, where I provide my own recipe.


Bovine milk antibodies for health

Quick Summary:

“Bovine antibodies may also provide protection against dental caries [cavities]. [Colostrum] has significant anti-metabolic potential against Strep mutans…[and] actively inhibits in vitro the adherence of these bacteria to hydroxyapatite and supports the natural antimicrobial systems present in the saliva.”

Colostrum also provides “anti-metabolic potential”. What does that mean? It means that for a bacteria to survive, it must metabolize sugar. So in this case, the anti-metabolic potential means that colostrum prevents bacteria from digesting sugar, and without this ability to metabolize sugar, bacteria die. Colostrum creates an environment where bacteria can’t survive. It actively inhibits the bacteria that cause cavities from sticking to your teeth, to the Hydroxyapatite - what teeth are made of. Colostrum also benefits saliva by nourishing the ions, benefiting flora, and maintaining ph balance.


Growth factors from bovine milk and colostrum: Composition, extraction and biological activities

Quick Summary:

“… It is generally accepted that [colostrum growth factors] are resistant to gastric digestion and they can exert local and systemic effects on the gastrointestinal tract… Milk growth factor extracts have been developed for various applications such as treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and skin diseases, wound healing, and induction of oral tolerance.”

What does this mean? Dr. Anthony Kleinsmith, on page 55 of his book “The First Milk Diet”, explains that because colostrum has many growth factors, it can strengthen the lining of the gums, rejuvenating their vitality.

It’s important to take colostrum in its most original form possible. Do not take colostrum that has had parts ‘extracted’ because it will be missing all of the co factors, enzymes, and things we don't even know about that make the colostrum digestible.


In vivo antimicrobial and antiviral activity of components in bovine milk and colostrum involved in non-specific defense

Quick Summary:

Colostrum has naturally occurring lactoperoxidase. Lactoperoxidase is one of the various members of the peroxidase family, and they play a role in the defense of mammals. Lactoperoxidase has been well established in other medical studies (Kussendrager & Hooydonk) and it has demonstrated an ability to defend against microbial infections in many in vitro studies.

“[Lactoperoxidase] is now added to toothpaste, mouthwashes, artificial saliva, chewing gum and calf starters to augment the in vivo protection against infections … Patients treated with the test toothpaste showed less plaque formation and a lower incidence of gingival inflammation.”

In this article, we see that Lactoperoxidase is being added (isolated) to toothpaste, mouthwashes, and artificial saliva, chewing gum and calf starts to increase the in vivo protection against infections. The study in this article says that there was “clearly an indication of elevated antimicrobial system in the mouth due to the additions of the Lactoperoxidase to toothpaste.”


About Paola

Paola Brown is a wife, homesteading mama of three, and experienced educator whose homeopathy workshops, classes, and interactive online courses empower other moms and families to incorporate homeopathic principles into their lives. As president and founder of Americans for Homeopathy Choice, Paola advocates for the growing number of mothers and other homeopathy users who want to protect their right to choose homeopathy. Her latest project, Teach Me Health & Homeopathy, is a comprehensive and engaging homeschool curriculum that equips families to teach children homeopathic principles, building them a solid foundation for life.


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