Homeschool Curriculum

Teach me Health and Homeopathy

-For Learners of all Ages-

You may have heard the rumors that Paola has been writing a homeschooling curriculum about homeopathy. Well it's true, and your health-curriculum homeschooling (or family-night) dreams will soon become a reality! Be sure to sign up to Paola's email to be in the loop about it's upcoming release.

This curriculum is not only for homeschooling families, but for any parents who are concerned about how their children come to understand the principles of health and wellness. Parents, teachers, and young readers will enthusiastically welcome this curriculum, raising the next generation of future homeopaths, healthy families, and strong bodies. Paola's goal of introducing children to the fascinating subject of homeopathy is brilliantly realized in both story fashion (Book 1) and in hands-on activities and experiments (Book 2).

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Book 1: Homeopathy-Based Stories While interrogating Grandma Annette, Evie learns about terrain theory, how drugs suppress illness and drive it deeper, vital force, dozens of other homeopathy principles, and various homeopathic remedies and their keynotes. Evie and, of course, the reader — learn about how Belladonna helps fevers and why Grandma avoids conventional medications, opting for bone broth, strengthening the immune system, and her homeopathy kit. Later, Evie's other grandparent comes to visit, and Grandpa Levi is abundant with stories from his childhood in Brazil...where boyhood escapades, youthful shenanigans and the use of homeopathic medicine was abundant. The entire curriculum is sure to become a priceless treasure of enjoyment and powerful knowledge for your entire family!

Book 2: Teacher's Guide Nothing captures the attention of students (and adults) like a creative object lesson or experiment. This hands-on book gives teachers science activities that illustrate the incredible world of natural health, especially homeopathy. These easy experiments illustrate the laws of homeopathy, teach homeopathic principles, and affirm the healing power that dwells within our magnificent bodies. With clever experiments, the demonstrations make the truths about real health unforgettable. The clearly explained experiments use common household objects, require little setup, and are illustrated with pictures and diagrams.

Book 3: Student Workbook With sections that are leveled by age, this workbook contains curriculum-aligned exercises on the fundamentals of homeopathy, including terrain theory and how it--not pathogens--is the most significant cause of disease, understanding homeopathic preparations, the laws of similars, and more. Each chapter, which is packed with exercises and activities to strengthen knowledge from Books 1 & 2, reinforces learning and understanding of the key concepts.

-Teach children basic homeopathy principles

-By using stories, the curriculum educates the whole person, creating an atmosphere where learning homeopathy is meaningful

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-The fun and lively songs from this curriculum makes memorizing homeopathic remedies, their keynotes, and basic homeopathy principles entertaining and enjoyable!

-The student workbook with meaningful activities pushes the boundaries of creativity and learning

-The teacher's guide empowers parents, who are deeply invested in their children's education, to make the learning of homeopathy an exciting, even enchanting, experience, whether students in elementary or high school.

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-Book 1, the Homeopathy-Based Stories boast gorgeous watercolor illustrations

-This information that educates children on life-long principles of health

-This curriculum is about teaching from a place of ease, not striving.

-Book 2, the Teacher's Manual, models daring learning for students, so they, too, can approach the learning of health and homeopathy with eagerness, inquisitiveness, joy, and opportunities to take risks in learning.

-Step-by-step activity plans with material lists, action items, and teacher guides.

-This incredible curriculum provides incredible flexibility...pick and choose activities that fit the needs of your students; eliminate overwhelm!

Pants on fire

What can I expect from the units in each of the books?

In many ways, learners need to have a foundation laid in order for them to construct a meaningful understanding about true health and healing. For this reason, this curriculum does not jump into the laws of homeopathy right in Unit 1. Instead we ease students into the high level concepts before getting into the amazing details that make homeopathy so wonderful. To give you a birds eye view of the curriculum, the following is a useful outline.

Unit 1: Terrain This first segment is designed to ‘prime the pump’ (or in this case the mind) around the principles that govern homeopathy. Students meet the Father of Terrain Theory and the father of the theory of suppression, Louis Pasteur. These concepts push students to become prepared to understand the powerful lessons about homeopathy.

Unit 2: Foundational Principles of Homeopathy Once the groundwork has been laid in Unit 1, Unit 2 introduces students into the basic precepts of homeopathic medicine. It covers the history of homeopathy by introducing Samuel Hahnemann, the dangers of suppressing disease, and to various treatments found in conventional medicine. This unit also introduces students to a central book in homeopathic medicine, a Materia medica, and more. Finally, this unit touches on the idea that homeopathy can be made from toxic substances, which will lead students into the third unit which discusses how these substances are rendered safe.

Unit 3: The Laws of Homeopathy Mothers and parents will be excited to delve into this chapter. It’s where the concepts are really taking form and students can really dig into the fun part, how homeopathic medicine is made (dilution and succussion ) as well as case taking!

Unit 4: Homeopathic Remedies for Accidents This final unit in the curriculum brings the concepts that students have learned to a grand finale...students learn about which homeopathic medicines are best suited for various acute conditions resulting from accidents. The stories and discussions in this unit often make it a segment of this curriculum a favorite.